Mario Prencipe : CASUAL & CAUSAL

Mario Prencipe is known as the Artist Traveller.  He is from Italy, lives in Portugal and is travelling the world. In the 1990s he decided to leave his native homeland and see the world, becoming a travelling artist or an artist traveller. He has exhibited in the following countries: Australia, Argentina, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Cape Green, Senegal, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Ukraine, Siberia, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Grenada, India and now the Philippines. He uses what he can find in the various locales to paint with, and his works are a usually a mix of oils, acrylics, pigment, ink and pastels.

Casual & Causal is an exhibition that explores the concept of casual to that of the natural, or everything that moves in nature that occurs randomly with its innate harmony: a lava rock for example, owes its monumental aspect to the output of lava stream down the slope of the volcano that will lie in a place where it will take a singular, unique, and casual shape, nevertheless its appearance will be in perfect harmony with the rest of the lava formations in the area. Based on this principle, the artist settle the colors on the canvas with a sufficient dilution  to mix them together simply by  moving the canvas, to obtain a mixture of colors that can be defined as "casual"--  as it happens without  any  direct manual intervention from the artist. Once this layer of paint dries, the artist intervenes on the work by searching through the casual shapes where he can intervene without affecting the "created" harmony between colors. What Mario Prencipe wants to communicate with this process is:  that if  Nature owes its perfection to a set of random events, human intervention must look for the right accord without disturbing its harmony and beauty.

"Casual & Causal" opens on  23 November 2013 at Avellana ARTGallery at 6:30 PM.  The exhibition runs until 11 January 2014.

For details about the exhibition contact Avellana ARTGallery at  Tel. 83383357,  Avellana ARTGallery is located at 2680 FB Harrison St., Pasay City / Monday to Saturday

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